This outstanding balsamic vinegar stems from a family’s love for this land and a unique tradition.
Over one hundred years under the sign of authentic passion and traditional quality: the high quality of Monari Federzoni PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Inside the product

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI is a “difficult” product to sample, because the 6% total minimum acidity required by law tends to mask other flavour and aroma properties. It is therefore useful to learn how to distinguish and separate these properties from other elements in the taste and texture profile.

The best approach for assessing a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI is to taste it “straight”, in much the same way you would taste a wine, by sipping it from a glass and using the senses of sight, smell, and taste.

The first step is to pour the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI into a clear glass and begin your visual assessment.

After swirling it around the glass for a few seconds, you can see how long it takes the liquid to run down the walls of glass: from this you can assess its DENSITY.

Then, swirl the liquid again to help release all of its aromatic components. To prevent the pungency of the product from “scorching” and obscuring the other olfactory qualities, keep your nose near the edge of the glass. This is how to assess PERFUMES and PUNGENCY.

Finally, sample the product in your mouth. Take a sip, swirl it around for a few seconds and then after discarding it (without swallowing), you can evaluate the flavour qualities. BODY AND FLAVOUR COMPLEXITY

Density: proportional to the viscosity of the liquid (indicates the resistance that the liquid offers against rotation in the glass). Higher density is generally an indicator of increased structure and sweetness.
Overall Perfume: indicates the overall intensity of aroma discernible in the sample.
Cooked Perfume: indicates the scent typically linked to cooked grape must and the aging process in wooden vats.
Fruity Perfume: the set of fresh fruit scents (more or less ripe) detectable by smell.
Olfactory Pungency: measures the tendency to irritate or provoke a penetrating sensation discernible by smell.
Sweetness: taste sensation perceived largely on the forward section of the tongue.
Acidity: indicates the tendency to irritate or provoke an intense and penetrating sensation on the tongue and in the mouth.
Body: measures the level of spherical perception, of roundness, of a syrupy quality, and of a structure discernible in the mouth (the higher it is, the richer the product).
Flavor Complexity: indicates the set of (positive) aromas discernible by taste.
If these parameters are set out on a scale from 0 to 10, so that “higher intensities in each parameter register as higher values on the scale”, a “spider web” graphic can be created for each product sampled, like those provided in the “Our Products” page of the web site.

A few defects that can negatively influence the assessment of a product are listed below.

Change in colour: from a dark, deep, and shiny brown, to opaque brown; this is due to a ferric and oxidative breakage, or “casse”, both attributable to the original raw materials.
Turbidity: the liquid is not perfectly clear and/or has particles in suspension. This could be associated with bacterial contamination or to chemical/physical causes (such as the formation of precipitate).
Rancid or mouldy odour: caused by bacteria that develop in improperly stored casks not cleaned with the appropriate food safe antiseptics, or by raw materials that are not entirely wholesome.
Dusty odour: indicates the product was aged in wood that was not sanitised.
Metallic flavour: this can also be indicative of a manufacturing process that was not perfectly controlled.

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