This outstanding balsamic vinegar stems from a family’s love for this land and a unique tradition.
Over one hundred years under the sign of authentic passion and traditional quality: the high quality of Monari Federzoni PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.


The factors of the all-Italian success in over 50 countries

Monari Federzoni PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is made with must from traditional Emilia Romagna grapes, including Lambrusco, Trebbiano, Ancellotta, Albana, Sangiovese, Fortana, Montuni. They are left to ferment naturally with grape vinegar in vats and precious wooden barrels. The balsamic process slowly follows the natural thermal excursion of a land with very hot and humid summers and cold and long winters.

This is the only formula to the Monari Federzoni balsamic vinegar, known all over the world and exported to over 50 countries and the leader in many of them. Over 60% of production is bound abroad. Then, Monari Federzoni processes and ages this formula in large 1,600,000-litre vats for the “matured product” and in over 2,000 barriques and small barrels (for a total capacity of 644,000 litres) for the “aged” product.

Founded in 1912, Monari Federzoni is located amidst the wonderful Modena countryside. It is here that in the 74-Ha vineyards, the Company uses the grapes for its finest products all along the whole production process, from integrated pest management grape farming – to reduce the use of pesticides – to harvesting and cooked must production in open vats. The latter is one of the most precious ingredients of vinegar, due to the complexity of its typical aromatic and sweet notes Monari Federzoni blends in each of its high quality products.

And it is precisely to guarantee higher quality that Monari Federzoni prescribes 3 levels of filtration, 12,000 analyses per year on the raw material and 110,000 internal audits. Together, they confer and ensure the excellent flavour and aroma characteristics that charmed the world.

5 bottling lines operating at different speed and automation allow the company to produce as many as 175 different products, including organic and kosher PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The extreme versatility of the range is strengthened by a daily production capacity of 200,000 bottles, a total of 10,000,000 bottles a year and a potential of approximately 100,000 hl of PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, as well as by a computerised management of the production cycle in its every phase. The care and attention for quality allowed Monari Federzoni to obtain the main Quality System Certifications: BRC and IFS (Higher Grade).

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